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Unmistakable Correlation Between Cardiovascular Health & Obesity
March 2024

The disease of obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

Chronic Diseases and Mental Health
October 2023

The American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes obesity as a progressive, chronic disease with multiple
pathophysiological aspects.

The Dangerous Link Between Diabetes & Obesity
July 2023

Treating obesity could reduce the incidence of diabetes by 58%…

Advancing Equity: The Urgent Need to Confront Disparities in Obesity
June 2023

The disease of obesity is literally a life or death issue for millions of Americans…

Access to Anti-Obesity Medications: Ensuring the Full Continuum of Care for People Living with Obesity
April 2023

Obesity is an epidemic, but it doesn’t have to be. It is a preventable and treatable disease…

Equity Emergency: How Outdated Obesity Policy Denies Comprehensive Policies to Communities of Color
December 2022

Current obesity policy is woefully outdated and failing communities of color…

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